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DoorsConnect connects the best owners with the best tenants. Register in a few minutes, and a local agent will contact you to guide you with your search. Is an accommodation matching your criteria? DoorsConnect puts you in touch with its owner. It's that simple. No more endless visits, enter your profile on DoorsConnect and let us know what you are looking for. You will have access to apartments for rent.

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Doorsconnect helps you find the accommodation you want by assisting you in your search and putting you in contact with the owners who suits you. Our mission is simple: To make the apartment search pleasant and allow you to find the ideal accommodation and the right owner. Let us help you and access our network of several thousand homes.

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What our tenants say

Testimonial quotes
Francis M. Permis de travail

Excellent! Merci les gars! Contacté par 4 propriétaires en 3 jours et j'ai trouvé mon logement en seulement 2 semaines.

A gagné 150$
Testimonial quotes
Jean-Philippe B Consultant TI

Laissez faire la team de DoorsConnect pour vous trouver votre appart. Ils m'ont guidés depuis le début, mis en relation avec plusieurs propriétaires et une semaine après j'emménageais!

A gagné 50$
Testimonial quotes
Andrea E. Permis Vacances Travail

Super service. En plus, vous recevez un chèque cadeau de 50$!

A gagné 50$
Testimonial quotes
Martin G. Étudiant

1 mois à galérer pour me trouver un logement car pas de pièces justificatives. 15 visites et toujours une autre personne qui était choisie. Rempli le questionnaire de DoorsConnect et 1 jour plus tard je recevais déjà des offres. Merci!

A gagné 100$


  • Why do I have to provide personal information and supporting documents?

    DoorsConnect's mission is to make the search for apartments easier, by creating a marketplace in which tenants, owners or property managers can directly get in touch. Our service comes from a simple observation: The search for a house can quickly become very complicated: Too many tenants interested by the same accommodation, not enough proof of solvency and unscrupulous owners. The solution? Reverse the process! Create a platform in which the ones who describe what they are looking for and show their reliability are the tenants. Result: the owners contact you when knowing you already, and can make you offers that perfectly suit your needs and your budget. You no longer need to make 15 people visit the same apartment. Are you not satisfied with what was proposed to you? It’s not a big deal, your profile is already created, you don’t need to reprint the same vouchers every time!

  • What supporting documents should I provide?

    As many as you can! The more you provide valid proof of your identity and reliability, the more your tenant profile will be appreciated and the more offers you will receive! Of course, we understand that you can’t provide everything or that you can be uncomfortable sharing some confidential information. No problem, you decide what you want to share with the owners or managers.

  • What do you do with the information I provide?

    Absolutely nothing! We commit not to share them under any circumstances with people other than the managers or the authorized owners. Be aware that in a standard rental search process, most of these documents are requested before signing a lease contract.

  • I don't want to share personal information on DoorsConnect such as my salary or my credit score. Can I register anyway?

    PAt DoorsConnect we fully understand that you might not be 100% comfortable giving us access to certain personal informatio. That's why the decision is up to you. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to increase your chances of getting the maximum number of proposals by increasing your trust score. The more there are documents that attest you reliability, the more you will hear from owners or managers. In addition to that, you can decide whether or not to make certain informations public in your account’s settings.

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